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Outreach for Seniors is back at Passmore Lodge!

Programs made possible through the CBT CIP-AAP grants in RDCK Area H.

Slocan Valley Housing Society is pleased to announce that “in-person” Outreach programming is once again being offered at Passmore Lodge. Tyson’s Feldenkrais videos will remain on our Facebook page for those who still want to enjoy the virtual sessions.


Mondays & Thursdays 10 to 11 am.

Mondays – self-lead exercise routine.

Thursdays - Balance boards with Gayle Buchner. Balance Boards are a fitness tool you can stand on while performing exercises to help improve balance and posture, aid in rehabilitation, prevent lower body injuries, and increase core strength, among other benefits.


Starting October 18th, we will be offering yoga classes from 10 – 11:15 am on Wednesdays.

Gentle Yoga Class Description:
 Gentle yoga is perfect for people who want to try yoga for the first time or for those who are looking for a softer approach to their practice. In this class we will combine gentle yoga poses with breathing exercises and restorative postures to stretch and strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. Everybody is welcome to practice yoga in this supportive environment. No yoga experience is required.


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