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The Team: Past and Present

Updated: Mar 20

The Board will continue to recruit fun loving, hard-working board members, and steadily renew itself so we can continue to provide safe, affordable, beautiful housing for the benefit of the Slocan Valley.

Board Members over the years:

Dawn Anderson,

Daphne Angus,

Frank Armstrong,

Margaret Austin,

Ann Barkley,

Shirl Bayer,

Nicol Berinstein,

Marcia Braundy,

Peter Brittany,

Marion Bullanoff,

Lorna Burns,

T.C. Carpendale,

JoAnn Chatten,

Beryl Clayton,

Thomas Clemmer,

Eric Clough,

Don Currie,

Keith Dewey,

Victor Doerksen,

Hélène Dosteler,

Dorothy Evdokimoff,

Joanne Feenstra,

Laoh Grace,

Ruth Hackett,

Vera Hamilton,

Willie Harasemow,

Sue Harder,

Joel Harris,

Kathy Hartman,

Ann Harvey,

Robert Inwood,

Aja Jordan,

Mabel Kabatoff,

Lydia Kania,

Dayanna Keeley,

Darry-Anne Kenney,

Ingrid Knoblauch,

Louise L’Hereaux,

Craig Lawrence,

Moe Lyons,

Nancy Macek,

Sally Mackenzie,

Susan Mackintosh,

Linda Martin,

Huguette Marr,

Merina Matthew,

Nelle Maxey,

Val Mayes,

Clay McCann,

Joyce McEwen,

Rita Moir,

Lynnda Moore,

Don Munro,

Frank Nixon,

Walter Popoff,

Wilf Rimmer,

Julian Ross,

Val Roy,

Vince Salvo,

Sam Simpson,

Diane Smith,

Eleanor Spangler,

Keith Stetsko,

Walter Swetlishoff,

Sephan Swinderman,

Margo Talbot,

Nancy Tedesco,

Pat Tees,

Penny Tees,

Claudia Vogel,

Sarah Walsh

Charles Ward,

Edda West,

Paul Wilkinson,

Pat White

Hired staff and contractors over the years:


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