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Updated: Feb 29

*EDIT: Please note, the deadline was February 21, 2024.

Thank you to all who applied.

PROPERTY MANAGER WANTED for The Osprey Residence in New Denver - 10 new affordable apartments for families and seniors. 

The part-time Property Manager (PM) is responsible for managing all aspects of The Osprey. The PM will work closely with the Administrator and Board Supervisor of the Slocan Valley Housing Society. Scope of work will include managing rentals and enquiries, maintenance, tenant matters, and working with contractors and suppliers. Computer skills are a must. Some training provided. See below for more detailed information.

Email any questions or your resume and cover letter explaining your relevant experience, to

Deadline: Before 4 pm Wednesday, February 21.

2023 Osprey manager job description
Download PDF • 76KB


3650 Passmore Old Road Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0Phone (250)226-7136 Fax (250)226-7137

The Osprey Residence Property Manager JOB DESCRIPTION

October 30, 2023 Position Summary: The Manager works closely with the Board and is

responsible for managing all aspects of the The Osprey Residence located at 602 Slocan Avenue, New Denver, BC. The Manager is the primary link between the SVHS Board and the tenants.

The Board is the landlord of the The Osprey Residence and the manager is the landlord’s agent under the Residential Tenancy Act. The Society’s bylaws and policies, the Society Act, BCH governance guidelines and the Residential Tenancy Act are the foundation for operation of both the Society and the Osprey. Compliance with the policies, guidelines and acts is critical. In addition, it is of the utmost importance for the manager to work within budget constraints while following prudent and professional operational practices.

Reporting Relationship: The manager will report to the SVHS President or designate, who is the Supervisor for all tasks. Regarding Finances, the manager reports to the treasurer and has a functional relationship with the society administrator.

This is a contract position. Responsibilities include the following, and other duties as assigned:

General Administration Society matters

  1. Become knowledgeable about the Society policies and keep abreast of changes. Notify Supervisor when policy inconsistencies and policy concerns are identified.

  2. Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that affect the organization, The Osprey Residence and the tenants.

  3. Prepare monthly Manager’s Report for the Board in the requested format.

Suite management

  1. Maintain up to date contact information for tenants.

  2. Maintain tenant files, operating manuals and maintenance records in Arcori Property Management system. Copies of any paper files will be sent to the Society office at Passmore Lodge.

  3. Keep up to date maintenance records on Arcori.

  4. Acknowledge and respond to emails and phone calls within scope of this position and acknowledge any questions or information that require Supervisor or Board response and relay to Supervisor.

  5. Follow confidentiality Policy and PIPA requirements by keeping all information gained through employment confidential. Confidentiality applies to all information both written and verbal when the information is not being used to carry out position tasks as assigned. All files including tenant, personnel, apartment, and all society files whether hard copy or/and electronic/digital are included.

  6. Participate in training and upgrading as requested.

Tenancy Matters

  1. Distribute and receive tenancy applications, maintain waitlists, and related files for Tenant Selection Committee. Ensure there is a reasonable waitlist, notify supervisor if not. Update wait list annually. Report to the Board when wait list has been updated and how many are on the list.

  2. Interact compassionately and professionally with tenants, by responding to their concerns/inquiries and requests for maintenance.

  3. Ensure tenants are provided with information related to their apartments and their tenancy by distributing updates of the Tenant Handbook and creating and distributing other notices as required.

4. Ensure tenants follow policies.


Follow Financial Procedures as outlined in the financial procedure document and as directed by the Administrator.

Maintenance & Safety Matters

  1. Maintain list of ticketed/licensed contractors who can respond to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC issues.

  2. Maintain schedule and checklist of maintenance and safety tasks.

  3. Perform and log minor maintenance tasks.

  4. Follow the prescribed maintenance schedule.

  5. Arrange and perform annual maintenance inspections with a board member.

  6. Perform quarterly safety inspections.

  7. Ensure that grounds maintenance such as mowing, watering and snow removal is done to SVHS standards.

  8. Arrange annual fire safety inspection. Act as a fire director and primary contact with the New Denver Fire Department for these activities.


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