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Support from our Elected Representatives

Along the way throughout the fundraising and building of this project it was critical to have support from our government representatives. Here are some of the things they said:

I have met with the SVSHS board for a briefing on the 12 units, am familiar with the site in Slocan behind the Wellness Centre, and believe this project is worthy of support by all levels of government. They have worked hard in the community to inform and consult, have incorporated the community’s needs into their plans, and are quite far along in the planning.

As evidenced by the construction, management and maintenance of the beautiful Passmore Lodge, the society has a strong and much to be admired track record. Given that the board working on the Slocan project includes the same designer (Eric Clough) and a number of the original board members, I have great confidence in their ability once again to take a community dream and make it into a reality.

- Richard Cannings, MP - South Okanagan-West Kootenay

Like the Village council, I believe the seniors’ housing project is perfect for Slocan. The location behind the Library and Wellness Centre means the project is right in the middle of the village, and tenants will have walkable access to all the town’s amenities, including the grocery store, restaurants, post office, WE Graham Community Service Centre, the Legion (which is the village’s community hall), and the beautiful Slocan Lake and the nearby Slocan Valley Rail Trail which is used by many seniors.

I know many of the board members of the Seniors’ Housing Society, and can vouch for their commitment to the Slocan Valley and seeing this project to its conclusion.

-Katrine Conroy, MLA - Kootenay West

As RDCK Director for the Slocan Valley, I have supported this project with pre-development funds for the Need and Demand Study, I’ve attended the public sessions seeking community input, and have attended follow-up open houses where designs were displayed and discussed with the public.

The Need and Demand Study identified that almost half the Slocan Valley population is age 50 or older. But there are only 20 dedicated units of seniors’ housing in the Valley.

As RDCK Area H director, and a member of the BC Seniors’ Advocate Council of Advisors, I commend and support the Society for taking the initiative to increase the amount of safe affordable seniors’ housing in the Slocan Valley.

-Walter Popoff, RDCK Director of Electoral Area H - Slocan Valley


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