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Slocan Valley 'Better at Home' Needs Assessment - participation required!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

The W.E. Graham Community Service Society will be hosting the Slocan Valley 'Better at Home' Program! Please click HERE to participate in a short online needs assessment survey (or download the PDF below).

This survey will be going out in the next edition of the Valley Voice and will likely be delivered to your mailbox. In that case we have provided drop of locations in several communities to make it more convenient for you. This survey is very important and will inform which services WEGCSS provides.

The survey closes January 15th, 2023.

For a general update:

Once survey results are compiled, staff are hired, and other pieces are in place WEGCSS hopes to begin providing services in February 2023. Please be aware we will start with one or two services from the basket of services available through the Better at Home funding. We are aware at how needed this program is and ask for your patience as we get it set up and functional. Additionally, we imagine the program will be over prescribed and we will be looking for a strong group of volunteers to help ease this pressure. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a volunteer, please reach out to us.

For any questions or comments please contact Miryam Bishop, the Slocan Valley Better at Home Coordinator, at 250-777-8339 or

Please share this survey widely!

We look forward to receiving many completed surveys and for starting this much needed program!

BH Survey
Download PDF • 122KB


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