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Nelson Star - Nelson Cares Gets Affordable housing funds

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

by Bill Metcalfe. Published on Wed Nov 30th, 2016 2:00pm

B.C. Housing has awarded $6,300,300 in funding to a Nelson CARES project that will build 48 units of affordable housing.

It was one of three dozen projects funded around the province amounting to a total of a half billion dollars.

Nelson CARES will rebuild four buildings that it owns on Nelson Ave. that were formerly part of a motel. The units will be intended for seniors, adults with disabilities, homeless and homeless at risk.

The project will require a mortgage in addition to the B.C. Housing funding. B.C. Housing is a provincial crown corporation that provides assistance to renters, and emergency and subsidized housing for low income families and the disabled.

Click here to read the article on the Nelson Star website.


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