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You are invited to our AGM on September 14th at 10:00am at Passmore Lodge.

Hope to see you there!

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To enable people to maintain residency in the Slocan Valley by providing affordable housing and support services.

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Our first seniors' housing project, Passmore Lodge, was built in 1999.  It has 10 units of affordable housing located in Passmore, BC.

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Our second seniors' housing project, Slocan City Suites, was completed in the Fall of 2018.  There are three fourplexes, totalling 12 units of affordable housing in the village of Slocan, BC.

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Now that both projects are running well and our organization is healthy and robust, we are considering other housing opportunities.  At the 2021 AGM the membership voted to expand our mandate to include families and other households, as well as seniors.

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We are a supportive community with enhanced opportunities to enable people – inclusive of ethnic origins, abilities and disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, race or religion – to remain an integral part of community life.


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“I consider myself very fortunate to have a comfortable, affordable place to live in Slocan.

Anonymous tenant

“I feel blessed to have been accepted to live in the Slocan City Suites.”

Keith Newberry

“I feel very fortunate and grateful. I love living at Passmore Lodge.”

Glenice Blackhart Wilson

Consider Donating to the Slocan Valley Housing Society and help make a difference.

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